Easy to use

Open the lock with one tap in Darajtee  app and park the bike anywhere permitted by local law.

Easy & Secure payment method

Recharge your in-app wallet first, then after each riding, the system will charge from your balance automatically.

A bike built for riding safely in the targeted area

twin solid tires, suitable for both gender, stopping has never been so smooth.

Adjustable hydraulically damped seat

easily adjust the height according to your appetite.

Start Riding

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Anywhere Pickup Anywhere Drop.

Dock less Bike Sharing System Solution.

Darajtee  is a dock less bike (anywhere pickup anywhere drop) sharing system solution which offers bike sharing service to fulfil  short distance trips. We are committed to providing you an easier, healthy, convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly way to transport  by combining advanced idea with IoT(Internet of Things) technology.


Download the app and get started today!

-IOT technolog

-Dock less (Available everywhere inside the target) location

-Suitable for both genders (V-Shape).

-Smart, clean  Easy to use and Cheap.


-Closed Areas (Compound’s )

-Sport Cities

-Dead Sea Beach

-Aqaba Hotels

-Aqaba Ayla & Saraya

How it works?


Download Darajtee Application from Android or IOS


Open the APP and scan the QR code on the bike.


Enjoy riding


Park at a legal location and lock the bike manually


Modern Dessign

-Adjustable size.

-Joyful colors.

-Very comfortable.

-Suitable for both genders (V shaped)

Anywhere Anytime

-Anywhere drop, Anywhere pickup(DOCKLESS).

-Solar powered lock.

-Environment friendly.

-Easy to use.


-Very easy to use application.

-Calories, distance and speed tracking to stay healthy.

-Available on both Android and IOS devices.

-Chargeable through Dinarak  and  scratch credit cards.


Let us develop the behaviors of the next generations!

Help us today to enhance our society and build the youth of the future, we work to find easy, safe, fast, and environment-friendly transportation inside universities, compounds, tourist, industrial and sports cities.

Join us now to support youth of Jordan.


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Tel:- +962 6 5822507